Thursday, May 21, 2009

Head 2 Toe.

Head 2 Toe is a series I will be introducing to you now and will share weekly with YOU! SOOO you might have 9 months or 3 months till the big day. Whatever time is left I'm going to give you my tips. my secrets. Beauty always starts from within and makes it's way out. Head 2 Toe is what I think will help all your beauty dreams come true! What I have noticed about most brides is they are all worried about X & Z and forget about themselves...Then the day of the wedding we have BAGS and dark circles. With all that in mind I want to be your helper. You can hire me for day of beauty help...or I can consult with you months to weeks in advance and share what things I recommend for that "glow".

Imagine your tables looking gorgeous & the food being spectacular and.... you look tired?! I hate seeing that happen. Koko can be at your rescue for beauty and styling assistance.

Mrs. Quiz

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