Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Deciding what type of tables to use at your wedding is a toughie. Maybe I can help....I highly suggest reviewing your guest list. See what kind of guests you will be having. Do they mingle? dance? You can also ask your venue coordinator what fits best. I personally love these tables. They photograph so well & I just like the look. BUT at what cost?! You want to make sure it's appropriate for the space you have. Nothings worse then feeling crammed and stuffy before you hit the dance floor.

This works best with open space as seen in the photo above.

- Thanks bloggy friends for viewing my wedding tips here. I had Jason set up analytics and I'm happy to see a consistency of more than 60 peeps already!! Please don't be shy and show me some love. Do you have any questions? When's your wedding date? Can I come ; 0 J/K not really.....

Mrs. Quiz

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